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December 10 2013 3 10 /12 /December /2013 10:09

Fixya has developed a survey by interviewing the owners of the most popular smartphones of the moment, wondering what were the major defects that users themselves had experienced in the use of the device

A new survey indicates the problems of the most popular devices currently in circulation , based on the responses given by the same owners. The quartet of the devices evaluated by Fixya in the new study is made up of Samsung Galaxy S4(HTC New One) , Apple iPhone 5S , Motorola Moto X and HTC One.


The most common problem on Samsung Galaxy S4 is overheating . 25 % of users have described an increase in temperature that occurs when demand is high computational power , specifically when playing or browsing on the internet . The problem , according to the source , could be due to the plastic shell that can not effectively dissipate the heat . Among the more obvious defects of the Galaxy S4 is not enough we also have a battery life, which forces users to recharge before the day is over. 20 % of users have also reported problems with the display : the quality is good , however its maximum brightness is relatively low when compared to other solutions.


The problem highlighted by 30% of users Moto X , is related to the amount of storage available , not expandable via external memory card. 20 % of users reported a quality of the screen is not in line with other alternatives in the market : the resolution is only 720p and some colors are overly saturated . Even the camera seems inferior compared to other top of the range , as reported 20 % of users, while 15% reported problems with the GPS(hello kitty iphone 4 case).


Moving on to the iPhone 5S , the most serious problem reported by users of the smartphone is its operational autonomy . The smartphone has a larger battery than previous models, but that still does not come close to the standards of the market. 25 % of users who responded to the survey do not digest the presence of the sensor to scan the fingerprints, which could adversely affect the privacy and compromise the security of the data entered into the smartphone . The historical problem of the iPhone is repeated with the new model : 15 % of users consider its 4 "display is too small compared to competing proposals , defining user experience less impact . Interestingly, 15 % of users has complained of constant crashing of applications, element which would dispel the myth of the extreme stability of iOS .


The analysis concludes with HTC One(best case for galaxy s4), one of the most interesting Android devices of 2013. The most serious problem complained of by 30% of users is related to its operational independence and the long period required to fully recharge the integrated battery is not removable , some users have reported timescales that exceed even the 5 hours for a single full charge. 20 % of users report problems with the audio device during a call on speakerphone, with an annoying hiss in the background. Among the most obvious problems of HTC One will also find the quality of the camera : HTC has talked so much of his UltraPixel technology , which uses individual sensor pixels larger than the standard market. It seems , however, that this feature is not appreciated by the owners of the device .

You can view the full report of the study of Fixya on this page.

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