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October 28 2014 3 28 /10 /October /2014 08:48


At last count, Apple iPhone would have a significant impact on the US economy, so as to represent a small share of the US gross domestic product.


The Apple iPhone is not just a simple gadget for consumers, but it has a significant impact on the US economy. A support is Michael Feroli of JPMorgan Chase, whose remarks were reported by The New York Times. The impact of the iPhone(cool phone cases) is not negligible, although it is a simple gadget, just do some calculations to observe the overall impact in the US. Also according to Feroli iPhone sales would contribute one-quarter to one-third of a percentage point on increasing the annual gross domestic product of the United States, a share amazing when you consider that it represents nothing more than a simple smartphone sales in the business environment one of the major economies of the world.

The article in the New Times reveals other interesting details about how to make iPhone run the economy for many people, from Apple, which every iPhone marginerebbe about 50 percent of its sales price is estimated at around $ 603 . It 'was just the iPhone to make Apple the company with the highest market capitalization in the world: Apple accounts for about 3.5 percent of the Standard & Poor's 500 and about 18 percent of all the growth of S. & P. 500 this year. In addition, since the iPhone is mainly assembled abroad and sold all over the world, is able to stimulate the economy in other regions, particularly in East Asia, making "turn" a lot of money abroad, although it becomes more difficult to assess the impact of the company on the US domestic market.

And 'no doubt, however, as sales of the iPhone have consequences on the US economy: last month, for example, store sales of consumer electronics rose 3.4 percent while apparel sales were down by 1, 2 percent, the data suggest that people prefer to buy an iPhone instead of a suit, so much so that Apple's mobile phone can be considered a status symbol you want more of a fashionable dress.

Finally, many people may have indirectly invested in Apple(Cheap iPhone 6 Cases): just think of the funds subscribed by mote people, unaware perhaps that the latter have in turn invested in shares of Apple. Therefore, it seems clear by now what the smartphone of Apple until now has not only affected the electronics market but also the fashion and the economy, making the product more important than ever for Apple.

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