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April 15 2013 2 15 /04 /April /2013 12:41


The new killer of smartphone(JIAYU G2) superclass Google finds much more than three-quarters of a million entries in the search for 'iPhone killer'. Hardly a new device the smartphone upper class, which would have this title is not in the past few months provides a snap. This demonstrates the lack of imagination of the journals will, of course, but also for the standard that Apple has set with his first personal cell phone.

Very often there are devices the Galaxy S series from Samsung on the podium: One in eight matches is related to one of the devices, since the first was three years ago on the market. Well soon the S4(MTK6589) will be in stores. Obviously technology journalists need is a new combat title, the "Galaxy Killers" for example. Here Google has so far "only" 28,300 hits, many of them in a different context. There are already a device that can take the title claim for themselves, the HTC one.

Of course it is unfair to crown a killer if it does not at the murder victim is. The Galaxy S4 is only the end of April to the German market. Until then, the One, the field of its own - of course in addition to the iPhone 5. Other features include the LG Optimus and the Sony Xperia G Z(JIAYU G3 buy), at least deserve an award for the title. So far, the one suggests not bad. Although it is yet to have only in homeopathic doses, it is in the Amazon sales charts at number eight, the S4, with its pre four places further back. This will rotate when the latest Galaxy is to have first?

Special functions - No One Needs

The S4 shines with special functions - nobody needs. Control screen with gestures, without touching the screen about. A camera that records not only the design but also the photographer when taking pictures. Or display functions with the eyes alone. Sounds interesting, but there were also similar with its predecessor, S3. There, the screen should stay on if the eyes were on it. For me it has worked before. Although I usually do not wear glasses, the device will not locate my eyes - and I have to twist so that me sick. And who defines exactly to the special functions can be old Android phone upgrade now: For the camera's dual function allows some apps as 2sidez. Eye transforms every android eyes to fingers.

The HTC One has a few custom software extensions. Its strength is something that the designers of the latest Samsung device have neglected. And from where I also thought it was now second choice. Ultimately, it was the arrival of the iPhone since six years ago, the inner values ​​that have formed the success of the smartphone class. The operating system iOS, Android & Co. let shine the devices connected to the app economy, the hundreds of thousands of small mobile phone programs. The One, together with the Xperia Z, which is almost entirely made of glass, for a return to the exterior.

Regarding this point, I squint long been envious of owners of Nokia devices. The Lumia series is state-of-the-art, what mobile phone design comes - of course, in addition to the iPhone. However, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, now Windows Phone as a mobile system? I've tried it on more than a decade now and again. We two are not warm.

The One ensures that now finally Android owners have proof of the hand. The concept seems tailor-made for the device. It is mainly made of aluminum - the MacBook among smartphones, so to speak. It weighs 143 grams, and thus only three grams more than the iPhone and 13 grams more than the S4, it's like his three predecessors mainly made of polycarbonate. In a world that is covered in the Cheap with plastic, it just feels cheap.

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